About the publisher  


Through my company, Mixed Media Memoirs LLC, I’ve had the privilege of working with individuals and families to preserve their stories for the next generations. I’m also active in the international Association of Personal Historians. Between the two—talking to my own clients and hearing from other personal historians around the world—I’ve come to realize that memoirs and family history are more than just “stories.” Going through the process of creating a memoir can offer answers to questions such as:

    • Why am I the person I am?
    • What family values do I want my grandchildren and their children to cherish?
    • What can I learn from my own and my ancestor’s lives?
    • Who had the most influence on me as I matured?
    • How have challenges affected my path through life?
    • What has helped me achieve my goals?
    • How do I view my life and how do I see the future?

Recent research has begun to document the positive mental attitude that many people develop—just from reminiscing about the past and considering these questions about their families and their lives.

I encourage families to conduct their own interviews, but at the same time, I recognize that many people are not going to find the time or feel confident to do it on their own. Mixed Media Memoirs LLC produces high quality books and DVDs/videos for private distribution among family members. At the same time, we have also helped some clients bring their books to market.

Here are titles that you might want to look into:

  • Legendary Long Islanders: Interviews with Famous Residents from the Hamptons to New York, by Helene Herzig (available on amazon.com and bn.com)
  • Making Every Day a Big Event! Events are Moments and Memories by Carol Bush (available for $17.50 through Encompass Early Education and Care, Inc., 1300 Bellevue Street, Green Bay, WI 54302)
  • Your Loving Son, Philip: Letters From An American Soldier in World War II, May 1944-June 1946, by Sgt. Philip Herzig, (available on amazon.com)

Preserve the past and the present for the future

Leah Broyde Abrahams, Publisher