The truth is God and Allah don’t need to talk--they are simply different names for the Creator.
It is WE who need to be talking to one another.

Why is peace so elusive?

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
--Mother Teresa


INTERFAITH PILATES: A Global Stretch for Peace

You are invited to be part of an important conversation that concerns all of us, no matter what our faith, our nationality, ethnicity, education, age, or gender. This is an urgent conversation because it addresses the very nature of peace and our role as citizen diplomats and peacemakers on the ground, not in the abstract. The most provocative question of our time still hovers above:

How can we achieve peace among the religions,
peace among the nations,
peace among our communities,
and peace with our next-door neighbors?

As many enlightened leaders have already taught us:

Peace begins with us.

In the weeks to come we will be highlighting campaigns to make Interfaith
a more intimate and integral part of our daily communication.

We will feature articles, events, videos, lectures, books, profiles of Interfaith leaders, and a monthly blog by Ruth Broyde Sharone, filmmaker, journalist. and author of Minefields & Miracles: Why God and Allah Need to Talk. A passionate interfaith activist who believes in the power to change the world, one community and one person at a time, Ruth will share her experiences in peacebuilding and invite her interfaith colleagues to contribute.

It is a conversation that needs your participation.

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INTERFAITH PILATES: A Global Stretch for Peace
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Let the Conversation Begin!

    This invitation is for:

    • Spiritual Leaders
    • Clergy
    • Interfaith Activists
    • Grassroots Community Builders
    • Theology Students
    • Futurists, Artists, and Cultural Creatives
    • The Curious
    • Seekers of Knowledge