Minefields and Miracles: Why God & Allah Need to Talk

Table of Contents:

Preface by Joseph Prabhu


Chapter 1: My Wake-Up Call

Chapter 2: My Latin American Immersion

Chapter 3: American Homecoming, Detour to Europe, and The Call to Israel

Chapter 4: The Holy Land

Chapter 5: My Palestinian Heritage and My First Palestinian Friend

Chapter 6: German-Jewish Encounter: Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 7: Multiple Narratives, Multiple Truths, and One Dream of Peace

Chapter 8: Let There Be Peace on Earth, and Let It Begin With Me

Chapter 9: I Have a Dream

Chapter 10: Two Women One Journey

Chapter 11: Festival of Freedom

Chapter 12: Be Careful What You Wish For

Chapter 13: From Terror to Reconciliation

Chapter 14: God and Allah Need to Talk: A Billboard That Changes My Life

Chapter 15: Willing to Be the Stranger

Chapter 16: A Taste of Interfaith Paradise

Chapter 17: Think Globally, Act Locally

Chapter 18: Nineteen Persians and Me: The Call of Rumi

Chapter 19: The Summer of My Spider Bite

Chapter 20: Citizen Diplomacy

Chapter 21: Green Bay Revisited: the Packers, Cheese, and Interfaith

Chapter 22 Beyond Theories: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Chapter 22: A New Era in Washington

Chapter 23: Lessons from the Rain Forest

Chapter 25: Is There Peace Among the Peacemakers?

Chapter 26: Weaving the Global Interfaith Web



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