Ruth Broyde Sharone



International motivational speaker:

o   Passionate programs promoting peacemaking and interfaith harmony

o   Speaker at two UN Roundtables in Geneva

o   Programs in schools, churches, mosques, synagogues

o promoting grass roots interfaith activities

o     Multimedia presentations including group exercises, film, music

Interfaith activist:

o   Creator of the Festival of Freedom interfaith peace pilgrimage

o  Co-organized with Delores Grey, an African American minister

o   Brings participants from different faiths together in Egypt, Israel, Turkey

·      highlighted by CNN World News

o   Council for a Parliament of the Worlds Religions

o   Presented her acclaimed interfaith program and film God & Allah Need to Talk at major conferences including

·      Barcelona, Spain 2004

·      Monterrey, Mexico 2007: Encuentro Mundial Interreligioso

o   On staff at Global Parliament 2008-2009 as Partner Cities Associate

·      Helped organize 18 pre-Parliament events

·      Facilitated Spanish-speakers salon at 2009 Melbourne Parliament

·      Presented two workshops with colleagues from Los Angeles

o   Co-chair of the Southern California Committee for a Parliament of the World's Religions (SCCWPR)

o   Creates and organizes major interfaith events            

o   2006 Embassy of Bangladesh, Washington DC         

·      hosted by Bangladeshi Ambassador

o   2009 Washington, DC                   

·      in collaboration with Rabbi Marc Gopin, Director of School of Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution,  George Mason University

·      hosted by Moroccan Ambassador


o   Producer/director of over 20 films


o   More than 100 articles for newspapers and magazines

o   First book Minefields & Miracles released 2012

o   Working on sequel: More Minefields & Miracles: Interfaith Activists Share Stories from the Trenches

Awards and Recognition

o   Inducted into the Martin Luther King Advisory Board of Morehouse College, 2013

o   Sparkle Catalyst Award March 2011

o   For “building bridges among people and communities”

o   LA Sikh Community special Interfaith award 2009

o   Fete D’Excellence gold medal in Geneva 2000

o   recognized for “cultural education” promoting justice and peace