One of the greatest challenges of our contemporary society is the threat of disorientation and confusion in face of the amazing diversity that we are able to encounter as never before. To be able to truly embrace this diversity in the fullness of its enrichment, requires one to be well grounded in one's own identity, values and heritage.

Ruth Broyde Sharone is blessed with this deep rootedness in her own Jewish tradition and draws on the universalism at its core to open up to and embrace the sense of the Divine presence in the other and especially in other religious traditions that give expression to it.

As Ruth's wonderful story demonstrates, this has not been without difficulties and some disappointments however as the saying goes "anyone who has never been 'taken for a ride', has never been on a journey worth taking"; and hers is indeed a journey of inspiration, contributing significantly to the exponential growth of interfaith relations in our times.

--Rabbi David Rosen,

Director, American Jewish Committee's Department for Interreligious Affairs