Ruth Broyde Sharone, living as we all do in a sharply divided brutal world, has this wonderfully crazy idea to which she has dedicated the full force of her incredible will and imagination: that it is possible to achieve a common universal ground of humanity where people of many faiths, honoring themselves and their own religious traditions, can live together in trust and in compassion.

Her new work, MINEFIELDS & MIRACLES shows how difficult and yet how rewarding this quest can be. It also reveals that here at work is a fine mind, a courageous spirit, and an empathic heart. Thus armed, she has gone forth to engage others in the liberation of their essential humaneness from the enmity, suspicion, fear, and ignorance that hold it in captivity. In so doing, she brings encouragement and hope to all who yearn to make real her soaring ambition.

--Rabbi Leonard Beerman,

Rabbi Emeritus of Leo S. Beck Congregation, Los Angeles